Jewellery Trends for Summer 2018

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In the midst of the summer months, women worldwide are preparing their warm-weather outfits. While some of last summer’s clothing may be good for another year, a whole new wardrobe may be needed for those hoping to stay on-trend. In this article, we explore the jewellery trends for summer 2018 so you’ve got an idea of what new pieces to pick up!

Nature Inspired Jewellery

This year, nature is incredibly on-trend in terms of jewellery. Plant-inspired jewellery is all the rage, par-ticularly jewellery based upon leaves and flowers. Thankfully, flowered jewellery never goes out of style. This may mean that you can stay fashionable whilst recycling some jewellery from last season. In addition to saving money, this will allow you to continue sporting some of your all-time favourites.

Nautical Inspired Jewellery

Some people regard ocean-themed jewellery as tacky. However, when designed tastefully, nautical in-spired jewellery can be delicate and chic. This year we can expect to see a rise in shell-embellished brace-lets and beach-themed earrings.

The mystical mermaid theme has been popular for months now, especially amongst young adults. This summer we can expect this popular theme to continue with a range of mermaid-inspired earrings, neck-laces, and bracelets. With many restaurants converting to paper straws instead of plastic, more people than ever are taking note of the damage plastic can do to ocean life. To support this cause, many people are picking up sea-creature themed jewellery from companies that donate the profits to charity.


Perfect for adding glamour to your holiday wardrobe, anklets are another jewellery trend of 2018. Whether you choose to go for something subtle or you’d rather make a statement with something a big-ger, pick up an anklet ready for your summer get-away.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a recurring accessory for summer 2018. A popular trend for the past couple of years, delicate necklaces can be layered over one another to create the perfect summer look. While some necklaces can be bought in a set specifically designed for layering, you can also pick up individual necklaces and layer them yourself. In addition to saving money, this allows you to create a unique and personal look.

If you’re interested in layering necklaces yourself, begin by picking up a few simple chains of different lengths. Chains such as Belcher, Curb, Spiga, and Prince of Wales chains can work perfectly. Picking up a range of different chains will add more depth to the jewellery; even though the difference may be sub-tle, it will be worth it! Layering a range of statement pieces hardly ever works and will end up looking bulky and over-the-top. If you pick up some basic chains you can add charms and pendants to them as you go; however, it’s important to not wear too many charms at the same time as they can look mis-matched. It’s also important to not wear too many chains of the same length. Chains of similar lengths are more likely to get in a tangle and spoil your look. Additionally, necklaces that fall at the same length can easily cover up each other and defeat the purpose of the layered-look. When buying your pieces, try not to mix white or plated metals with each other as the plating is likely to rub off.

When you’re feeling confident with your layering ability, start to add a few bolder necklaces into the mix for a statement look. However, as mentioned previously, it’s important not to layer a large number of statement necklaces together.

Coined Jewellery

Coin-inspired jewellery is another trend for summer 2018. Designers such as Chloé, Donatella Versace, and Gucci have led the way with their coin-like charms, allowing smaller brands to introduce cheaper al-ternatives to the market. With the coin inspired jewellery being produced by high-end and high street brands, there is something to suit all budgets!

Statement Hoops

90s-style gold hoops first came back in last summer, and the trend is showing no signs of stopping! How-ever, unlike last year, hoops are available in all types of colours, materials, and designs. Whether you’re a fan of a statement resin hoop or you’d prefer to stick to something subtler, there is a hoop to suit all styles.

Transparent Jewellery

Spring 2018 saw an influx of transparent accessories including handbags, shoes, and boots. Over the fol-lowing months, the see-through trend has made its way into jewellery. This means that we can expect to see a range of glass, plastic, and lucite pieces hitting the shelves this summer.

Extra-Long Earrings

Extra-long earrings are another jewellery trend of summer 2018. Long, dangly earrings can now be picked up from a range of designers around the world – including high-street brands. This means that you can stay on-trend regardless of your budget.

Pinky Rings

Pinky rings are all-the-rage for summer 2018. Instead of the bulky design associated with gangsters and wrappers, though, the trend is delicate rings that are ideal for stacking!

Flower Earrings

As mentioned earlier, flower-inspired jewellery never goes out of style. This year is no different. Summer 2018 will see statement earrings and nature-inspired trends combine to produce bold, vibrant flower-themed earrings.

Mismatched Earrings

A new trend for summer 2018 is mismatched earrings. Instead of looking like you’ve got ready too quickly, asymmetric earrings will now make you appear chic and on-trend. While some pairs of earrings just differ in colour, others feature 2 completely different designs intended to be worn as a set.

In Summary

If you’re interested in keeping up with Vogue but you struggle to find the time, don’t panic! The Jewellery trends above will keep you on-trend throughout the summer of 2018.

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